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The logotype for the Journal of Prehistoric Religion represents a Cypriote terracotta model from Kotchati, about 1900 B.C. with a sacrificing woman in front of a sanctuary.
Volume XXV, 2016
Edited by Jeannette Forsén.
Volume XXIV, 2014
Edited by Jeannette Forsén.
Volume XXIII, 2012
Edited by Jeannette Forsén.
Volume XXII, 2010
Edited by Karin Nys.
Volume XXI, 2007
P. Åström, A Plank-Shaped Red Polished Figurine with Three Heads.
Volume XIX-XX, 2005-2006
Edited by Karin Nys. 51 pages. ISBN: 978-91-7081-224-8.
Volume XVIII, 2004.
P. Flourentzos, A New Unique Object in Cypriote Archaeology: the Pyxis of the Goddess with...
K. Nys and P. Åström, Evidence of Bull-Riding in the Cypriote Bronze Age.
Volume XV, 2001.
E.T. Bloedow, The agrimi as a potn…a qhrîn Motif in Minoan Glyptic.